Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Letter to Parents: Give Presence for Christmas!

Dear Parents and Parishes-- Greetings in Christ! 

As parents of six children, five of whom are now teenagers, we understand "busy"! We understand the challenge of making meaningful family time. Though even more, we understand the challenge of making meaningful the time we do have!

Children spend nearly 8 hours a day in electronic entertainment. 58% of parents use gadgets to babysit their children. Studies demonstrate the dramatic implications for their health, intellectual, emotional and relational adjustment.

As for us parents, we know we're not alone in looking back and considering how we might have spent more meaningful time with those we love. And I'm a bit haunted, in a good way, by my dad's words: As parents we need to be thermostats, not thermometers. We're need to set the temperature, not reflect it. 

So, what are we waiting for?

We have the power to schedule. We schedule what is important to us. We wouldn't consider a child missing his game. We get him there. And when there, we tell him to "leave it on the field." It's important.

But what of our homes and family relationships?  Are these not at least as important as sports? Are we giving them the same time and consideration? Are we leaving it on this field?
We're challenged... and we're challenging you... to join us and many others in rediscovering this most important "game" and getting in it. Specifically, for the seven weeks beginning Advent, and through Christmas, we're scheduling one night a week for  special family time. 

What does that time look like?

It looks like your family gathered together with some favorite beverages and/or snacks, setting everything else aside, and just sharing some really meaningful time together! We provide a free, easy-to-use gathering guide that makes it fun! You'll learn more about one another. You'll more discover more deeply the gift you are to one another. Along with other parents who've tried this you'll soon see why they call it "amazing"... "a culture changer."

Where to begin?

Go to LiveITChallenge.eventbrite.com. Scroll down the one-pager. There you'll find the simple steps.

Overcome resistance...

"What? But we haven't even begun?" We know! And it's precisely this point that many fall short. They need more. They want more. But they've already decided to let busy rob them of the blessing.

Let me just say you wouldn't be reading these words if a good number of us hadn't been there, if it wasn't do-able, if getting in the game hadn't made a big difference!

Like any sport, this will be difficult. It will require commitment. It will require sacrifice. It will require perseverance.  But it will be worth it! By Christmas, if you stick with it, we promise you will have discovered the unsurpassed gift of presence for Christmas!

We invite you to join us in kicking it off with an amazing event on December 1 called Presence for Christmas (PresenceForChristmas.com). It's going to be an uplifting evening of food, fun, fellowship in a context of faith... for everyone!

We're all in this together! Let's do this!

United in Him,

Greg and Stephanie Schlueter
Coaches, Seven Kids and Mass Impact