Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Presence for Christmas is a four week "journey into the heart of Christmas"- warm, uplifting evenings of story and song during Advent.. It's also the Live IT Challenge in your own home or with your group- paving the way to the best Christmas you'll ever have! 

Come with family and friends with your candle, or purchase a special Live IT Candle there. In procession, it will be placed at the Burning Bush, which will illuminate Jesus in Exposition. We invite you to take the Live IT Challenge- an invitation for families and groups to gather in their homes once a week for seven weeks during Advent and Christmas-- light their candle and enjoy meaningful interaction facilitated by a downloadable Live IT Gathering Guide.

It's about Christmas Presence.

P4C Radio Clip on the Son Rise Morning Show. 

Oh... the magic and wonder of Christmas! 
Remember looking through the catalogues as kids? Wondering and hoping for that special present? Remember the lights, colors and aromatic smells of something baking... Bing Crosby in the background? It's worth asking: What is the meaning of Christmas? 
Is it about the presents? Where are those presents today? What enduring, meaningful impact did they have on our lives? How are we different because of them?

This year give Christmas Presence
While presents are an important part of Christmas, at the heart of it all is the fact that we have been fashioned for presence. We need God. We need so much more than cliche, or empty obligations... we need to know God.  Christmas is a grace-filled season where God offers us His Presence in Jesus Christ. He is the Present. And He makes us Presents to each other!